Little Big Town On Being Back In The UK And Running From The Law – Interview

amy lbt

Amy Westney with Little Big Town, October 6th, 2015.

On Tuesday Little Big Town returned to the UK to play a one off show at London’s Brooklyn Bowl in support of the C2C 2016 launch. I for one couldn’t been happier when I heard they were coming back over. With their finely tuned harmonies and their catalogue of hits I knew it wouldn’t be a show to miss! You can read our review of the live performance HERE.

As many of you may be aware I am a musician myself and this amazing vocal harmony band were one of the first that I discovered when I got into country music a little over 10 years ago. They have been a huge inspiration to me and shall remain one of my favourite bands until the day I die! So, as you can imagine, when the chance arose to interview them… I jumped at it! All four of them were absolutely lovely and a pleasure to talk to. They made it easy for an interview novice like myself! Keep on reading to find out what they had to say on being back in the UK, the Girl Crush controversy and running from the law!

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Don Henley Talks About Land and Hopes and Dreams

Don Henley still can remember the smell of fresh dirt when he played as a child. And lying on his back in the big corn field of his family’s farm, he would gaze up to the expansive blue Texas skies. The stalks of corn looked like skyscrapers to the young boy.

“It wasn’t like the movie ‘Field of Dreams’ where baseball players were coming out of the corn but it gave me a place to dream,” the native Texan reflected during his visit to the Country Music Hall of Fame. “When the mind opens up you can think and dream.”

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Clay Walker Releases New Single ‘Right Now’ On SiriusXM


Multi-platinum selling country star Clay Walker just released a brand new single, “Right Now,” exclusively on SiriusXM The Highway – On The Horizon channel 56, which is now in rotation on the channel. The single, written by Walker and Nashville songwriters Wade Kirby and Shane Minor, was produced by Aaron Pearce (Celine Dion, Willie Nelson, Cassadee Pope) in Nashville, TN. The infectious soulful ballad “Right Now,” marks the first time the country star has released new music in three years and the fans are coming out in droves to purchase and praise the song as one of his best yet. Fans, who haven’t already, can purchase the song here

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FEATURED: Greg Blake ‘Songs of Heart and Home’

gregblake albumcover

West Virginia native, Greg Blake has recently released his debut solo album, Songs of Heart and Home. Blake is joined by some of the best bluegrass talents of today, which includes the band he serves as lead vocalist in, Jeff Scroggins and Colorado, plus guests like 3-time IBMA Vocalist of the Year Claire lynch, K.C. Groves (Uncle Earl), bluegrass icon Laurie Lewis, mandolin player John Reischman, and fiddler Blaine Sprouse. Sally Van Meter not only plays dobro on the record, she also served as producer. Blake has traded the rolling mountains of his West Virginia homeland for the sky-scraping peaks of Colorado, and he’s also moved his lifelong calling as a minister to the full-time bluegrass music scene, but he still keeps his faith close. Drawing from a wide variety of song sources, from Cash to 80’s country (think Joe Diffie), to Canadian folk (think Ian Tyson), to the original source himself, Big Mon, Greg Blake has a far ranging set of influences but a powerful Appalachian base to his music that resets this collection of songs in a new way.
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I went down to the crossroads… tried to flag a ride

Hi, it’s me. The owner and editor of For The Country Record, and the 23-year-old university graduate who’s spent the last two and a bit years trying and failing to make a living as a freelance music journalist, with FTCR as the cornerstone, the original inspiration and the source of most of my joy and stress. I have never used this blog to post personal accounts of my life (aside from reflections on the site itself) because even at the beginning it had a purpose and a mission statement, however it’s times like these I make an exception because it’s important that you understand some things, lovely wonderful reader of this thing I managed to create.

Three and a half years after its inception, I find myself consistently broke (hey there all the freelance jobs that never came through, that was awesome), and absolutely exhausted. I work too hard for a paycheck that is far below minimum wage, and the dream of doing what I love for a living has worn thin. For starters, a lot of the time I don’t enjoy writing anymore, I just want to get it done (mainly because there’s so much to do). And that’s sad.

But the purpose of this post is not to wallow in my own pathetic self-pity (I have social media for that, right?), rather to explain that things have not gone entirely my way when it comes to freelancing. Of course, I have been very lucky some respects, and I should thank Annette from Think Country for supporting myself and the site for some time now, but one or two things are not enough in this field and I am at the point where it doesn’t make sense for me to continue on the same path.

I came to the decision that I would give up freelancing.

It was not an easy decision, granted, but I feel it is the right one. I do not know what I’m doing next; all I know is I’d like to get out of my apartment and feel like a human being again, be able to save up money, move house, learn to drive, and take actual, real vacations.

What does that mean for FTCR? I’m not entirely sure at the moment, but I do know I want to keep it going. I’m so proud of what I and the other writers here have built and, as a certain Tim Shank told me, “If you close FTCR, the bros win.” I don’t want the bros to win, and I hope you don’t either.

This won’t come into effect immediately, because for now I’m trying to decide my next move. I’d love to stay in the creative industries because that is where I feel I thrive the most (plus I have a BA honours degree just floating around and writing is pretty much my only skill); I’m not even averse to going into a writing job, but I want something that is stable, pays well, and reinvigorates me.

So when something turns up, hopefully FTCR will occupy a “part-time” capacity. There will be less articles – and that means less commentary, less submissions we’ll be able to take on, perhaps even less shows we’ll be able to attend. Just a smaller, less active site than you know now (and be fair, we post 6 times a day, 7 days a week currently!). But it’s the right decision for me right now.

Writing this post makes me sad because I never wanted to have to do this. I held out again and again in the hope that things would pick up, but it was never enough to sustain. Perhaps one day the stars will align for FTCR to become a full-time occupation once more, but for now, I’ll be figuring things out.

If, on the off chance, you know of a job or a company that I would be suitable for, please do email me and let me know. I live in Wirral, England and can reach jobs in Liverpool – or remotely based. I would appreciate any leads that you could send my way.

Thanks for understanding guys, and thanks for being readers of FTCR. No matter what, it has given me some amazing life experiences and I am forever grateful to all of you.

The Oak Ridge Boys Announces 2015 Christmas Night Out Tour

oak ridge boys xmas

Legendary award-winning, hit-making group celebrate Christmas with timeless hits and holiday favorites

Grammy Award-winning music legends, The Oak Ridge Boys, will once again celebrate the Christmas season with timeless hits and holiday classics on their 26th AnnualChristmas Night Out Tour, coming to a city near you. The almost two-hour holiday show transports concertgoers into Winter Wonderland with fan-favorite hits and Christmas tunes new and old, beautiful sets, falling snow—and even a special visit from Santa Claus himself.

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