Introducing: ‘Perfume & Gasoline’ by Karen Perry


‘Perfume & Gasoline’ is the newest single from Karen Perry, co-written by Tony Gunter, Barbara Wilkinson and Sonya Wood and produced by Doc Holiday, joined by his “A-Team” (executive producer Peter Dennison).

Championing the wild tomboy southern girl, who loves a “slow kiss and fast machines”, and who knows “how to change a flat”, there’s plenty of enjoyable detail in these lyrics, and it makes a stab at universality for women. What’s also nice and refreshing about ‘Perfume & Gasoline’ is that it has far more of a fuller country sound to it than many of the other songs out there, focusing on steel guitar, dobro and acoustic guitar. In addition, Karen’s raw, husky vocals give it an edge and a kick that really make the song ‘pop’.

However, it doesn’t shy away from the more polished aspects of modern country music, allowing airtime for tinkling piano and smooth, atmosphere-building strings. Overall it has a fairly ‘90s country feel to it, promoting pleasant feelings of nostalgia and familiarity that make this a great track to listen to.

Karen Perry was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida and from an early age developed a passion for music. Born into a musical family, it was evident that Karen inherited that passion, and has gone on to create a unique vocal style that has made her a popular and sought after artist around Florida music scene. Karen was heavily influenced by a variety of genres, including Classic Rock, Blues, Country, Top 40 and good old-fashioned Rock’N’Roll, and these combined to develop her powerful Blues/Country voice. She has always believed in giving back to her community by offering her talents to a variety of charities and events to help the less fortunate and bring awareness to causes close to her heart.

Karen also founded www.SupportJaxMusic.com, a website that promotes local bands, pubs, clubs, bars and businesses. “I can’t remember a time in my life where music was not present. Music heals my soul. It’s therapy for me, my best friend, and always there. It’s so amazing to look out into the crowd and see a foot tapping, a smile on someone’s face, somebody singing along with me or simply dancing. I am very grateful for the gift I have been given”.

You can buy ‘Perfume & Gasoline’ on iTunes, follow Karen on Twitter and like her on Facebook.

You can also watch this ‘The Making Of’ video below:

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3 Responses to Introducing: ‘Perfume & Gasoline’ by Karen Perry

  1. Thank you so much for this incredible article. – Karen Perry

  2. Johnny Walker says:

    The girl can sing. I love her voice, got that growl in there. She knows the secret to feelling what she’s singing.. Love the song.. and her singing it.. Fantastic Job.

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