Dierks Bentley ‘I Hold On’ – Video Review


I should probably preface this review by saying I already LOVE this song, in fact it’s up for the For The Country Record Song of the Year… but more on that later.

The video, however, just takes it to the next level. Instead of getting Dierks, who’s not an actor, to play himself in the video, they employ someone else to do it. Some worried prior to the release that this would cause audiences to lose that vital connection with Dierks on such a personal song, but actually it turns it into a bigger story altogether. This is primarily down to the creativity of the director, Wes Edwards. Although Dierks is brought in for band scenes to ensure that personal connection is made, I actually prefer the scenes with the actor. Instead of hovering over slow-motion drawn-out standard scenes, like would be the easy thing to do, they pull out all the stops and go for short, snappy flashes of scenes. What this does is give a memory box-style feel to it, rummaging through, glancing at various memories as you pass.

You might think that this makes the video too convoluted and messy. Quite the opposite. The filming and editing are clever; close-ups and only the most necessary key shots are used to convey a message and they pack a lot of cool and quirky things (like guys messing about on a tour bus) into a very short space of time, without confusing the viewer. The fact that this is interspersed with Dierks, who is bringing to life what has already been touched upon in the actor’s scenes, makes it quite powerful, and the storytelling involved is genius. It really highlights the emotional impact that the song was aiming for, and altogether makes it a fantastic piece of media to enjoy.

The speed of the shots also help to enhance the drama of the song, building the excitement particularly towards the end, working with the rhythm to have a multi-sensory effect. But what’s so captivating about this video is that while you could take the actor’s scenes as flashes from a fictional mini-movie, this is not a fictional story. It’s Dierks’ story, in full color HD with no emotion spared. And that’s what makes this video one of top 5 this year. The director has gone above and beyond and done an excellent job. But at the end of the day, it’s Dierks who really brings it home.

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