LISTEN: Lindsay Lou & The Flatbelly’s ‘Everything Changed’

IONIA COVERLindsay Lou & The Flatbellys took to their home in Michigan last Autumn to record their new album. Holed up against the wind and the rain, only escaping to take a break for air, the idea was to create something with that organic level of intimacy that is often lacking from professional recordings these days. Enjoying each others’ company, swapping instruments and laughing plenty, it is a sign of just how attuned to each other this band are that they were able to pull this off. The result is ‘Ionia’, an album steeped in their bluegrass origins but taking on a broader classification of Americana. Lindsay herself possesses a voice that is as akin to jazz as it is to blues and folk, making this an incredibly interesting and varied record from the outset.

The Flatbellys consist of mandolinist Joshua Rilko, dobro player Mark Lavengood and double bassist PJ George, making for a wonderfully rootsy sound from the outset that is driven by the band’s incessant energy. You can feel this on our featured track ‘Everything Changed’, as guitar begins repetitive drone picking, coupled with Linday’s unique voice and building with flurries of mandolin and double bass. Fairly quick in tempo, we can feel the effervescent nature of the track emanating from the speakers, bubbling up and over but making sure not to peak until the very end. It’s not hard to figure out that these are extremely talented and charismatic musicians.

You can check out ‘Everything Changed’ below.

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