The Cadillac Three ‘White Lightning’ – Single Review

The Cadillac Three at Dingwalls, London, UK, on March 10th, 2015. Credit: Amy Westney Photography taken for FTCR.

The Cadillac Three at Dingwalls, London, UK, on March 10th, 2015. Credit: Amy Westney Photography taken for FTCR.

The Cadillac Three. Grunge Country, Alt Country, Southern Rock… This could be debated all day long but one thing that is definite is the amount of raw talent that oozes from this 3-piece. Jaren Johnston, Neil Mason and Kelby Ray, born and bred in the south and proud of it. Their new single ‘White Lightning’ captures the boys’ spirits and lets them shine like a fireflies in a mason jar, bringing their own unique style of country music to the forefront of country radio once again.

The single is the second from their ‘Tennessee Mojo’ album (in the UK) and another strong track. Starting off with just vocals the from the band’s lead singer Jaren you automatically find yourself hooked onto the song. With quite an acoustic feel to this track it shows an undeniable contrast between the bands previous single, displaying their diversity and musicality. The hook line gets you singing every time and it’s easy to see why there has been such a buzz around the release of the new single, a fan favorite for well over a year. They sing about love in a way only The Cadillac Three could, bringing their southern roots to the heart of the song with metaphors such as ‘faster than a bass to the hook when daddy’s fishin. The song is kept reasonably low-key throughout, until they reach the middle bridge leading into the final choruses, at which point they take it up several notches. Neil brings in more drums and the song is given a final hurrah; this is cleverly done alongside the use of the line ‘that’s what love’s supposed to feel like’. What I love with this track is that, for a second time, their signature style of country music is present in every note that is played and every word that is sung.

This track also showcases the vocal ability of Jaren more so than previous releases. There is nowhere to hide here, with stripped-back guitar and soft drums on much of the song. The lead melody is nicely complimented by a gentle harmony which just sets off the vocals perfectly, proving that this band aren’t all about making noise. Well known for their party, sing-along song ‘The South’, it is refreshing to hear something so heartfelt from this dynamic trio without losing a sense of who they are and where they are from.

The single is out and available now. If you haven’t heard this yet then why not check out the video below of them performing this backstage at the Opry.

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