SONG PREMIERE: Jami Lynn ‘God Out On The Plains’

photo3In 2009, Jami Lynn was an undergraduate student studying classical voice while she played with her folk band on the weekends. However, coming to the realization that opera was not where her heart lay, she set out across the plains of South Dakota, the state she calls her home, to collect folk songs from the early settlement days of the Dakota Territory. She recorded and released an album titled ‘Sodbusters’ full of the obscure songs she found, but it was a visit to her family in Texas that inspired her beyond covering long-forgotten material. She played these songs she had found to her grandparents, and they began sharing similar stories of her ancestors – so much so that these characters began floating around Jami’s head, enough to form new, original songs about the people, the animals, and the landscapes that were around many years before.

Thus ‘Fall Is A Good Time To Die’ was born, a concept album of songs dedicated to South Dakota and a view of the state long before those heralded early settlers arrived. Officially out today, the album includes the track ‘God Out On The Plain’, our featured track and one we are lucky enough to be premiering. “The Lakota Sioux still hold that the Black Hills in western South Dakota are holy land,” Jami says of the song. “I suppose that this song is in a way, a humble apology, and also an ode to the beauty I’ve found here.” A humble apology, and a very beautiful one at that. Beginning in the midst of simple guitar-strumming to a fast-paced chord progression, this is soon joined by exquisite dobro that slowly takes over the track with much intricate playing for a full solo.

However, perhaps the most wonderfully distinct aspect about ‘God Out On The Plains’ is the way that Jami’s unique, twangy vocals float humbly over a particularly beautiful melody. The song is kept deceptively simple (just two verses and a refrain following a pilgrim’s journey) despite plenty of impressive musicality present, and is a glowing transcient moment of peace and clarity in a cluttered world. You can take a listen to ‘God Out On The Plains’ below, and don’t forget to go buy ‘Fall Is A Good Time To Die’!


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