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Alex Stern Single Art

Up and comer (and Albuquerque, New Mexico native) Alex Stern has a new song out called “Get Up Town”. It’s a song about following your dreams and not letting anyone/anything get you down and make you give up trying. It becomes clear in the chorus that the narrator is talking about following the dream of becoming a singer-songwriter. This is appropriate for Alex, who started voice lessons in the third grade and moved to Nashville after being selected as a vocalist for the Grammy Awards Foundation’s Grammy Camp, now finally able to pursue her dream full time.

I really like this song, it’s got catchy lyrics and it’s upbeat. The production has a good beat to it and features electric guitars, helping it to fit right in on mainstream country radio. It has a lot of potential. Fans will connect to the song right away through lyrics like, “You’re slowly getting off the floor, Lift your head once more, for staring life in the eye, you’re taking this bull by the horns, If you’re with me say, Hey let’s give this dream a try.” You’ll find yourself singing along with the first chorus, “Get up, Get up on this town, Shake off your past, Write your burdens down, Sing your story till your lungs give out, and get up, get up, get up town.”

I like Alex’s vocals, they’re strong and have range. There’s something unique about them as well, a quality that I just can’t put my finger on. It’s a great song and I hope it gets a chance at radio! You can take a listen to ‘Get Up Town’ below.


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