VIDEO: Brad Paisley ‘Crushin’ It’ (just released!)


Today Brad Paisley released his much-anticipated new video for current single ‘Crushin’ It’. While I was disappointed with the content of accompanying album ‘Moonshine In The Trunk’ and have been hard on the chosen singles for the project, this video is by far the best one he has released in years. Whether it is true or not, the story is that they filmed and had ready an entire video for the track but Brad decided on a whim to scrap it and create an animated video, entirely by himself, on his laptop.

The result is over four minutes of pure hilarity, as the storyline about country stars turning into superheros to fight an invasion of giant beer cans gets truly topical and clever when he draws in scarily accurate portrayals of his fellow artists. To begin with of course we have Brad playing guitar on stage, Blake Shelton drinking a beer in his Voice chair, Luke giving that awkward flat smile, Kenny Chesney wandering on the beach and Jason Aldean and Darius Rucker appearing in the background to high five. Keith Urban (Captain Australia) then turns up equally playing a guitar while in a stereotypical Australian setting, and Carrie Underwood’s flowing blonde locks are nothing on her superpower: her voice (code name: Carrie Underwoman).

As the chorus builds we start to see country stars turning into their superhero aliases, and here we see the introduction of Zac Brown Band (the Zoro Brown Bandaleros) while Kenny Chesney turns into Agua Man and Brad becomes his very own super robot. More “cameos” come when Miranda Lambert appears shooting the beer cans Blake is done with in their back yard, and Dierks Bentley (Derx Skydrinker) is sat on the back of a plane… We get a special dig at Florida Georgia Line when Brad sings the word “Florida”, as the two repeatedly say the state they are from and therefore their part in the band name, while Tyler sports a “Cash” shirt and Bryan sports a “Bieber” shirt. Darius Rucker becomes The Hoot Owl and Jason Aldean becomes The All-Green (hulk style), just as Luke Bryan’s violent hip-shaking turns him into his own alias: The Flash Smiley.

But Brad still isn’t done, and soon Blake gets his cow costume (as General B.S.) and Little Big Town come in as the Guardians of The Grand Ole Opry (nice, nice), while Rascal Flatts ride in on mobility scooters as the Hell’s Rascals. Eric Church makes a brief appearance as the Churchmouse before George Strait comes in on cue as as the original Superman, and even Jimmy Kimmel pauses proceedings for a gag on his show about the new country music superheroes until his reporter out on the field confirms they’re “under attack”. Plus, bonus appearances from Tim McGraw and Faith Hill as The Timcredibles, and if we look closely we get to see Miranda’s outfit, as, predictably, an assassin.

This is truly a funny video and its “amateurish” production makes it endearing but incredibly intriguing for all of the little references included. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was named Video of the Year. I’m seriously calling it and it’s only been out for a few hours. Go check it out above and pay close attention!

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