Lee Brice ‘That Don’t Sound Like You’ – Single Review

Lee Brice

Lee Brice first caught fame through his songwriting. He has co-written singles for Garth Brooks, Eli Young Band, Tim McGraw, and others. His “More Than a Memory” (recorded by Garth Brooks) was the first song ever to debut at number 1 on the country chart, while his “Crazy Girl” (recorded by Eli Young Band) was the Billboard Year-End Top Country Song of 2011. Brice has released three albums on Curb Records and eleven singles, four of which have charted at number 1 on Billboard Hot Country Songs and Country Airplay.

Lee’s latest single “That Don’t Sound Like You” is off of his third studio album. The production on this track leans toward country rock, prominently featuring electric guitars and drums, and Lee’s vocals are on point, as usual. For some reason Lee manages to pull off songs that really wouldn’t be that good if sung by another artist. I attribute this to Brice’s ability to sing with emotion. He has vocals that can infuse a lot of emotion into a song, and gives it all he’s got every single time.

With this song, we find Lee singing to a girl who’s been changed by her relationship with a not-so-great guy. The track kicks off with “Girl, I’m glad you called, first heard you talk; Took me a second cause I couldn’t hear your drawl; And that don’t sound like you; No that don’t sound like you.” He goes on to talk about the ways in which she has changed, like the fact that she doesn’t smile anymore and she cut her long hair. He tells her she can leave “that town, that job, that guy” because “you know you’re better than that.” The chorus has Brice saying that the young lady can come back to “Truck tires on a gravel road; Laughing at the world, blasting my radio; Cannon balls, splashing in the water; Doing whatever whenever you wanted; What did he do? Cause you don’t sound like you anymore.”

It’s a good song, and well done. The emotion in Brice’s vocals really put the power into this track. Radio will play it and so will fans. So enjoy!

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