Striking Matches ‘Miss Me More’ – Single Review


It’s me again! I swear I seem to spend most of my life writing about, or listening to, Striking Matches, but here’s another one. After a successful start to their professional recording career, with a number 1 album on the UK country charts and peaking at 25 on the US country charts, they are now releasing their third single from their debut album ‘Nothing But The Silence’.

After a sell-out full-band tour of the UK under their belt and another one booked for fall, it may be safe to say that they are bigger over here than in the States, but I’m sure that won’t be for long, since I imagine the smaller catchment area in the UK means the word gets around about their talent much more quickly.

‘Miss Me More’ begins with very sharp mandolin strumming from Sarah, echoing the sharp acoustic instrumentation that is the trademark of Striking Matches’ music. When the vocals come in, they contain deliberately slightly off-melody harmonies created by Sarah and Justin, forming a sharper tone to the melody. With the drum kit becoming more prominent as the second verse comes in, Justin’s vocal solo becomes deeper, periodically interrupted by bursts of mandolin.

Lyrically the song focuses on the battle between two ex-lovers who are competing for who will miss each other more. The very staccato nature of the instrumentation and melody echoes this theme, as does the sharp melody, unlike the very voluptuous, rich melodies seen in other songs on the album like ‘When The Right One Comes Along’ and ‘God And You’.

I do think ‘Miss You More’ was an interesting choice as a single, since it isn’t one of their more catchy songs. Having said that, it does show what Striking Matches are about, with the impressive instrumentals, including a mandolin solo towards the end, and prominent vocal harmonies between Sarah and Justin. This will probably do just as well as any of their other songs would have done!

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One Response to Striking Matches ‘Miss Me More’ – Single Review

  1. bob says:

    I’m still not sure what their first 2 singles were. Wikipedia doesn’t list any singles for them. Maybe “When the Right One Comes Along” and “Hanging On a Lie” or “Trouble is as Trouble Does”? Were the same singles released in the UK as in the US?
    “Miss You More” is a better choice than”Never Gonna Love Again”, the one song on the album that i don’t care much for. All the whoa oh oh oh oh’s got to be annoying.

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