VIDEO: Lee Brice ‘That Don’t Sound Like You’

That-Dont-Sound-Like-YouHaving seen his previous two singles ‘I Don’t Dance’ and ‘Drinking Class’ go to #1 and #2 respectively, Lee Brice’s new single ‘That Don’t Sound Like You’ has a good chance of repeating, or at least nearing, that feat. Released in May, it’s currently peaking in the top 60 at country radio and now the rocky ballad has a video to match. The film alternates between shots of Lee miming the words at a picturesque beach location and the female subject of the song in similar places. During the song, she is the girl who’s been changed for the negative by her new man, job and home, and Lee encourages her to come back to who and where she used to be, a sentiment which is reflected in how the video switches moods and settings. You can check it out below!

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