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Well Jason Aldean is back with another single… and shocker, it’s not good. “Gonna Know We Were Here” is the fourth single off of Aldean’s Old Boots, New Dirt album. The first three singles all reached #1 on the Country Airplay chart, and this latest single will probably follow suit. Aldean is a major player in the Bro Country scene. He has always had a Rock sound, dabbling in rap and hip hop sensibilities as well. “Gonna Know We Were Here” kicks off with overly loud electric guitars and the usual rock sound, making you think that you’re listening to a rock station rather than a country song. The production is loud and obnoxious and overpowers Aldean’s weak vocals.

“Gonna Know We Were Here” is basically a more generic, weaker “Tattoos On This Town”, sharing the main theme of leaving a mark on your hometown. He throws in all the clichés of small town life, like people gossiping and sex in vehicles. Because we haven’t heard them a billion times before. You wouldn’t even mind the whole sex in a truck reference if it weren’t for the fact that it’s done in such a blatant, creepy, skanky way. I mean really, when exactly is Aldean going to stop singing about skanky sex? He’s a father of two for crying out loud! The lines “People Talk girl/ You know damn well/ When they got a good tale to tell/ Let’s give them something they ain’t never seen/ A little R rated redneck dream”, are way too sleazy and very similar to lines in Randy Houser’s latest single “We Went”. The single sounds like the writers just took “Tattoos On This Town” and “Night Train” and did a mix and match, coming up with “Gonna Know We Were Here” as the result.

The chorus, “Ain’t scared to ride this train/ Make a few marks, leave a few stains/ Might slam just a little too hard/ Might take it just a little too far/ Might burn out like a firework, like a shooting star across the sky/ And we may not be around in 20 years but they’re sure gonna know we were here,” is generic, weak, and totally lacks substance of any kind. It also makes me wonder why they won’t be around in 20 years? This song is obviously about young people… So why won’t they be around in only 20 years? It just doesn’t make sense to me.

I can’t imagine anyone with any upper level of intelligence finding this song anywhere close to being enjoyable. The song lacks emotion, substance, and originality. For the life of me, I can’t find any reason why anyone would actually go out of their way to listen to this song. It’s just awful. Anyone looking for good music that’s real, has substance, and is enjoyable to listen to, just keep looking because this is definitely not that song. I’ve given up hope of Jason actually releasing mature, original, and fresh music.

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  1. bob says:

    Could this be the worst song Brett James (Jesus Take the Wheel, Texas Plates, Blessed, etc.) has ever written? As you wrote, it will probably go to #1.

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