Luke Bryan ‘Strip It Down’ – Single Review

luke bryan strip it down

Luke Bryan released his second single from his fifth studio album, Kill The Lights, on August 4th. The album was released August 7th, and has already produced a #1 single “Kick The Dust Up”. Bryan’s newest single, “Strip It Down” debuted at #23 on the Country Aircheck chart, but no doubt will be another hit for the singer. Luke, along with Florida Georgia Line, has become known as Bro Country royalty, one of the ones who started it all… and that’s not a good thing. His songs weren’t bad when he first started out, but soon changed for the worse when he released his third studio album, Tailgates & Tanlines. The album does have its good moments, but it also produced the start of the Bro trend in Bryan’s music.

Things just went from bad to worse with his Spring Break EPs and the release of Crash My Party, on which listeners found Bryan in full Bro-tastic mode. Country music lovers thought that there might be some hope for Bryan, I mean he couldn’t possibly get any worse than his Crash My Party era, right? WRONG! Kill The Lights is looking to be even worse than Crash My Party ever thought of being! The first single from the album, “Kick The Dust Up” was absolutely horrendous in every way, and the second isn’t promising either.

“Strip It Down” features a new sound. Bryan isn’t using the Bro Country sound on this single, but the newest sound to plague country radio, the dreaded R&B sound. This song is basically just a sleazy sex song trying to masquerade as a romantic ballad. He talks how he wants the female to dirty dance him slow in between the cotton sheets… This coming from a married father of 2. It’s almost as creepy as Jason Aldean’s “Burnin’ It Down”. The thing about this track that bothers me the most is the constant use of the line, “Cowboy boots by your little bare feet,” it just sounds so contrived and a bit chauvinistic. Now, had this line come from another artist who isn’t associated with Bro Country, we could look the other way, but the fact that it comes from a man who is constantly chauvinistic and degrading towards women in his songs, it’s just the straw that broke a horrendous song’s back.

Luke has shown us that he does in fact possess talent, one example would be at the ACM All Star Duets, when he sang with Ronnie Millsap AND played piano. Bryan has a good voice and a lovable personality (for the most part), all he really needs is to start producing better quality songs. It’s time to start giving the fans more mature content, songs that you would expect from a married man and a father, not a frat boy. As for this song, it’s not worth your time to listen. It’s the same crap we’ve heard before, only sleazier. But all that said, it will definitely be another hit for Bryan, as sleazy and awful seem to be the winning theme on radio today.

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2 Responses to Luke Bryan ‘Strip It Down’ – Single Review

  1. Kaz says:

    Perfect, couldn’t agree more. Luke is very talented but keeps making shit records. Hopefully it won’t be long before the people buying this tripe grow up and Luke is forced to grow up too

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