Brett Eldredge ‘Drunk On Your Love’ – Single Review


Brett Eldredge always erred on the pop side of country pop, but he took this one step further with his sophomore album ‘Illinois’. The record is full of the R&B and soul that has begun to permeate country radio, and second single from the project ‘Drunk On Your Love’ is no exception.

It follows the groove-laden pop track ‘Lose My Mind’, which recently went to #1, and builds upon the sound it began, adding an island vibe with a synthed accordion-like instrument and a drum loop that recalls Caribbean getaways. Mandolin joins for a certain plucked sweetness and strummed acoustic guitar creates earthy depth, the pre-cursors for real drums to take over the fuller arrangement. The song continues to build after that, but more subtly than previously, until it resembles a more familiar style of production, if nonetheless inflected with R&B and pop.

It’s likely indicative, too, of where Warner are pushing Brett stylistically. Picking up on the sonic trends when your artist wasn’t too far removed from them in the first place is a solid commercial move, and indeed releasing songs of that type have helped Brett break out of the “new artist” mold and begin to establish himself. It’s unfortunate in a way, because he is truly a fantastic vocalist, and often it’s not showcased properly on songs of this kind, instead shrouded in production and beats that’ll keep the focus on having a good time rather than listening to and appreciating the music.

You might notice that I haven’t mentioned country once when describing this song (other than in the first line) and that’s a key point here; all you need to know is that this song was featured on Tyler Hubbard’s (Florida Georgia Line) wedding video. That pretty much sums it up.

The lyrics are pretty simple, describing an infatuation that Brett compares to being drunk. It’s a narrative that has been used over and over and over and over – and over again. His husky vocals do add a note of sexiness to it that most don’t have, but regardless it’s a boring and unoriginal theme that is only made slightly more interesting by the sonics in the beginning (which still are not country in the slightest). The chorus is fairly catchy, but there are much better songs on ‘Illinois’ and I’m disappointed that they chose to release this next, even though I expected it to be released at some point. The kicker comes when he lets out the final line, “I’m so drunk!” and the song comes to an immediate close, looking forward to live shows where most of the fans are knee deep in beer.

It’s a shame that Brett’s talent has been rather wasted on this song, although I do expect it to be another #1 for the singer. That’s just the way it goes.

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