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Maddie Marlow and Taylor Dye, aka Maddie & Tae, stormed onto the country scene in 2014 with their smash hit “Girl In A Country Song”. The single made fun of and brought attention to the Bro Country trend, which brought a plague of songs that objectify women to radio. “Girl In A Country Song”, which peaked at #3 on the charts, served as the anthem of a movement that calls for more recognition and respect for females in country music. The song is clever and catchy, all the while being a tongue-in-cheek criticism of a very serious issue.

The duo’s second single was the inspirational “Fly”. While “Girl in A Country Song” used satire and irony, “Fly” was sincere in its message about a girl persevering through rough times. “Fly” ended up peaking at #9 on the Country Aircheck chart, which is pretty good for a female duo, but in reality both singles had the potential to hit #1, especially “Girl in a Country Song”. Maddie & Tae recently released their third single, “Shut Up and Fish”.

“Shut Up and Fish” shows another clever side of the duo, this time using plays on words and humor to spin an all too well-known tale of “boy and girl get together to do something, and boy ends up spending the whole time coming on to the girl and trying to get past first base”. Ladies, I’m sure at least most of us have been in this situation one time or another and this single is a refreshing way of addressing it. Maddie & Tae are very good at walking that line between making light of a situation and being too critical, creating a perfectly structured song. The song doesn’t come off judge-y, yet it doesn’t make light of the situation either.

The production is contemporary traditional country all the way. In fact, you can’t help but think Alan Jackson circa 1990s (or even early Brad Paisley) as soon as the song starts. It’s actually country! This fact never used to be a big deal, but considering the non-country sounds plaguing country mainstream radio for the last 5 or 6 years, it’s a big deal these days. The instrumentation adds a light, but energetic feel to the single, which just adds to its catchiness. This song couldn’t be any more believable coming from someone else. These young ladies are in the right age range to pull this song off. If they were older or more established, the song might just come off a bit too juvenile for them, but since they are both in their early twenties and newbies, the song comes off how it’s meant to: humorous and clever.

“Shut Up and Fish” opens with the duo setting the scene, a girl and guy meet up to do some fishing, which was evidently the girl’s idea. The listener learns right off that the guy is a “city guy”, wearing preppy clothes and driving a red corvette. The young lady takes him out on the lake, and they settle in to fishing… Well, that is the young lady settles in to fishing, while the guy sends most of the time “playing Captain Casanova”, trying to get her to fool around, because evidently he has “more than just bass on his mind”. The chorus explains, “I was fishing, he was wishing we were kissing, I was getting madder than a hornet in an old coke can/ Getting closer, sliding over, crowding up my casting shoulder/Reaching out and trying to hold my reeling hand/ And saying I’m pretty, saying he’s in love, and how it don’t get any better than this/ I said yeah it could, boy if you would shut up and fish”. The song ends with the young lady getting fed up and giving him a “cold shower in the lake”.

It’s just a really fun single, and one that is totally relatable for most of the female population. You can’t help but smile at the cleverness and sass of the song, all the while thinking “amen girl, been there, done that!” It’s smart, refreshing, and COUNTRY. It has all the potential to be another hit for the duo, let’s just hope radio agrees!

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