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Luke Bryan released “Kick The Dust Up” in May of this year. The single served as the lead single from his fifth studio album Kill The Lights, which was released in August. “Kick The Dust Up” ended up being yet another smash #1 hit for Bryan, which isn’t surprising considering the fact that they seem to just hand #1’s out consistently to the Bro’s of country, no substantial hit needed. Bryan can basically get away with releasing any old song regardless of how awful it is, and still hit #1 due to his rabid fan base. Let’s be honest here, “Kick The Dust Up” was not only not country, but genuinely an awful song, and Bryan’s second single, “Strip It Down” was even worse!

“Strip It Down” continued Bryan’s #1 streak for the record, proving that Bryan can do no wrong as far as the industry is concerned. In my opinion, the only accolade that “Strip It Down” deserves is for “sleaziest song of the year”, but that’s a whole other can of worms. Bryan has recently announced that his third single will be the much-talked about “Home Alone Tonight”, which features Little Big Town’s Karen Fairchild.

Now, first off, I love Karen Fairchild. I’ve always been a fan of Little Big Town and Karen’s vocals. I had yet to meet a song featuring Fairchild that I didn’t like. Sadly, that has changed as of “Home Alone Tonight”. I went into listening to this song with a little hope, due to the fact that Karen was featured in the song and the fact that critics raved about it, calling it one of the standout songs on the record when it came out.

But of course, it’s my own fault for relying on the mainstream critics to supply my hope. We all know that, these days, most mainstream critics are anything but honest to goodness critics. They tout and rave about every single thing the artists give them, regardless of the fact that it’s really, truly awful. God forbid they actually say what they really think about the song… and you know… Be HONEST. For those who will argue that maybe, just maybe they actually do like the songs, let me put it to you this way: Let’s be logical, are you telling me that they absolutely adore EVERY SINGLE song released to radio? I didn’t think so. Anyway, luckily for me, I work for FTCR, an outlet that allows me to be brutally honest. So, with that, let’s get to this single…

“Home Alone Tonight” is loud and over-produced, to the point where the vocals sound like an afterthought. If I didn’t know that the female vocalist was Karen Fairchild going into this, I would have never known it was her. Fairchild’s normally unique, strong voice is unrecognizable on this song for the most part, due to the ridiculously loud production. Bryan’s vocals fair a little better on the track, but not by much. I have to say, Luke Bryan actually has talent, I know we tend to forget that for lack of seeing it. We’ve seen bits and pieces of it here and there. The fact that he’s actually a talented guy makes it all the more frustrating when you take into account the mediocre/awful material he puts out.

The production on this single features an up-in-your-face R&B sound, with loud drums and electric guitars. The song finds two people, male and female, talking to each other, making plans to spend the night together as revenge against their exes. The hook is that neither one will be going home alone tonight, take that exes! They snap selfies (photos you take of yourself) with each other, and send them to their exes to make it clear that they’re evidently over them and aren’t alone anymore. The whole song comes off forced and over done. What makes it even weirder is the fact that the two artists trying to pull this song off are both happily married with children… so it’s not exactly believable coming from them.

I will say that “Home Alone Tonight” isn’t the worst song Bryan has released, and if you compare it to the first two singles, it’s actually leagues better. Nevertheless, it’s still a very weak song. But of course, it will almost definitely make it to #1, because after all, it’s the golden boy Bryan. The only thing that really matters to mainstream country radio fans is “Does it have a good beat? Is it loud, club worthy?” For those of us who prefer substance and country sounds, we’ll pass on this one and just wait for Loretta’s new record!

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