Chris Young (Feat. Cassadee Pope) ‘Think of You’ – Single Review


If Chris Young’s voice asked me to marry it there would be no hesitation, I’d say yes in a heartbeat. Unarguably one of the best and sexiest male voices in country music, Chris’ baritone is what we’d imagine creamy Hershey’s chocolate would sound like if it could sing. Chris came onto the country music scene after winning the 2006 season of the now-debunked reality singing competition show, Nashville Star. From the very beginning, Young made quite an impression on country music, becoming known as the guy next door, sweet and lovable with a sexy-as-Channing Tatum-shirtless voice. Some can boast that they were fans of Young from the very beginning, while others jumped on board at one point during the last 10 years. I myself became a fan of Chris after hearing “Voices”, the lead single from his second record. Chris quickly became known for his romantic songs. From “Gettin’ You Home (The Black Dress Song)” and “Tomorrow”, to “Who I Am With You”, Young has had success with the steamier and sweeter songs, they really allow his voice to shine.

Young recently released his fifth studio record, I’m Comin’ Over in November 2015, and saw it hit #1 on the charts shortly after. The lead single and title track from the new record also saw success, reaching #2 on the charts. Now here we are with Young’s second single offering, “Think of You”, which features former The Voice contestant, Cassadee Pope. One thing I like about Chris is the fact that he generally sticks to his usual sound, production-wise, with only about one or two exceptions. The single finds the narrators lamenting over a breakup, and the lasting effects it has on the couple and those around them. Its production is upbeat and easy on the ears, featuring a strong drum beat. Chris and Cassadee’s vocals blend nicely together, complementing each other beautifully.

The song opens with the male narrator walking into his favorite bar, one he has haunted many a night, only to find that it feels like a totally different place now. The female narrator finds herself out with friends, but finds that there doesn’t seem to be anything to talk about, nothing feeling the same. The two voices come together on the chorus, as the explain, “We used to be the life of the party/ We used to be the ones they wish they were/ But now it’s like they don’t know how to act/ Maybe they’re like me and they want us back” and that, “It’s like there’s always an empty space/ Those memories that nobody can erase/ Of how bright we burn, well now it hurts/ But it’s true, when they think of me, they think of you.” Their mutual friends are affected by the breakup too, which just adds to the pain of the now broken-up couple.

The song carries power, mainly due to the vocal performance of both Young and Pope. The single is lyrically strong and just might do well on radio, considering it would have both fan bases (Cassadee’s and Chris’) backing it up. “Think of You” is a nice change of pace compared to other recent releases. I certainly hope it gets a chance at radio, but only time will tell. Have a listen and see for yourself.

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