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Hello! Long time, no speak (sort of).

I know by the outpouring of affection I received when I put FTCR on hiatus that the site was well-loved across the world, and it was incredibly heart-warming to hear how my little bedroom project had impacted so many lives and introduced so many people to great music they wouldn’t otherwise have discovered. I know that, alongside critical commentary on the likes of bro-country, music discovery was a huge part of the site’s appeal, and I have been wondering for the past couple of months about just how to continue sharing great music with you all without all the time and effort running the site requires.

I may choose to do something more literary (in addition) in the future, but for now the way you can discover new tunes from FTCR (ie me) is by subscribing to a Spotify playlist I’ve created. It’s called “Vickye’s Recommended”, and is my personally curated selection of hidden gems, obscure indie releases, the best new ones in the mainstream, and on occasion a couple of well-loved classics thrown in for good measure. It’s a broad mix of country and Americana with pretty much every corner catered for, although it does skew towards female voices because that’s what I naturally gravitate to.

As has been the case with the site, the tracks and artists included are ones I personally approve, but there is a difference. At times I would feature music that I could appreciate for its quality and artform, but perhaps wouldn’t listen to in my free time. Everything on the playlist, however, is and will be music that I jam out myself, on my own time. The vast majority of it hasn’t been pitched to me, I’ve just come across it on my musical journey, although occasionally there will be the odd track that turned up in my inbox that I just loved.

There I go again, writing a long-winded essay when all I needed to do was write one line: I have created a playlist of great music, and you should subscribe to it. That’s it really. I’ll be updating it every few weeks too, so you can guarantee that one day soon you’ll open up your Spotify and there’ll be 40 brand new songs to get your teeth into. So please go subscribe to it here, and I hope you enjoy! It’s also embedded below, and I’m going to pop it in the sidebar, so you can listen while you read, too.

Thanks for sticking with us even during our “hiatus” (bar the handful of select reviews we’ve been posting), and hopefully I’ll see you soon.

Much love,

Vickye xo

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I run this joint. Country music blogger extraordinaire, fangirl, coffee drinker, Twitterer, bunny lover and rather too opinionated for her own good. Feminist and equal rights advocate. Has a laugh that you can hear for miles.
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