Looking forward to writing a country song? Get your bass, guitars, and banjo ready, then ignite your lyrical and storytelling prowess. After all, what makes this soulful genre what it is, is its powerful lyrics capable of arousing emotions, the simplicity that makes any listener relate to its message, and the instruments that spice up everything.

So here’s how to write a good country song:

1. Know Your Song’s Theme

Country songs are known for the depth of the emotions expressed in the music. The themes are vase and could range from betrayal, faith, love, pain, family to depression. You may decide to write about heartbreak, separation, or trials if that’s your current reality.

It’s up to you to figure out the theme of your song. However, keep it real so that the lyrics can flow effortlessly, and listeners can feel the beauty of your piece.

2. Think of a Title for Your Song

Any title in mind? A good song may stem from its title. You can take a clue from TV programs, stories, movies or books. Moreover, you can ponder over any real-life experience to form a title for your country song. If you feel heartbroken, carefully evaluate the highlight of your feeling. If you’re homesick, you can do the same. The bottom line is, carve a title so that you can start composing.   

Ensure that you note down this title so that you don’t lose it in the long run.

3. Figure Out the Hook

The most appealing part of your song should serve as the hook. It should be the part that is quick to grasp. If the title of your song has that quality, then you can decide to make it your hook. Put some melodies to your title and see how beautiful it sounds and conclude the tune.

Furthermore, make your lyrics and tune catchy so that both you and your listeners won’t have a hard time remembering it. Also, make your hook stand out from the other parts of the song. You can do this by making it have either a high or low pitch.

4. Formulate Your Chorus around Your Hook

The hook is typically the basis of the chorus. You can place it before or after your chorus, or even both so that your listeners can grasp it instantly. It doesn’t usually exceed one line.

Compose your hook and then let your chorus emanate from there. Typically, a chorus doesn’t exceed four lines and comprises of lyrics that reminds listeners of the song’s theme.

When singing your chorus, you can alter the depth of your voice around the same key so that listeners can quickly sense and learn it promptly too.

5. Formulate the First Verse of Your Song

When writing your verses, make it powerful by painting a clear picture so that your audience can feel what it’s like to be in your/that shoes. Typically, four lines make a verse and should be around the theme of your song.

Another thing is, you can make the lines of your verses rhyme so that they’re outstanding. 

6. Base The Subsequent Verses on Your Initial Verse

The first verse helps you break the jinx of cluelessness. Hence, you can formulate the last two verses shortly. The second and third verses should be a continuation of the first verse with new messages and scenarios.

7. Include a Bridge

The bridge typically brings freshness to a song. It comprises of four lines and does seem like a second chorus for your song. It also follows the theme of your song, however, in a different dimension that spices up the lyrics.

8. Use Easy Keys and Rhythms

Generally, most country songs use the six common major keys and easy rhythms too. The beginning of your song should have these common keys (G, A, C, D, E, F) cause it’s country music after all.

9. Build your Music around a Guitar

Whether acoustic or electric, guitar is the life of any hit country song. When composing your song, play the guitar along. In case you’re a guitar newbie, you can practice with an easy up and down strum pattern. As you gain more mastery, you can use a different tricky strum pattern to compliment the tune of your song.

10. Play Some Other Classic Country Instruments

After writing your lyrics while playing your guitar along, you should try other classic instruments; say, banjo, fiddle, harmonica. With these instruments, your song is sure to sound like the good country music we all know.

If you’d like to sound like the typical country music from way back, instruments like accordion, mandolin, and autoharp can help you achieve that. Ensure that all these instruments are played with the same keys and simultaneously with your guitar. However, the tune and rhythms can vary from the guitar instrument.

Irrespective of where a country song was inspired, one of its greatest attributes is its straightforward chord progression. This characteristic seats well with the audience who just want to have a good time singing and not have to strain their ears or voice to either listen or sing along.

When next you’re about to pick your guitar and pen down some lyrics to make the perfect country song, ensure you follow the steps above. That way, you can become the next top country music artiste on a billboard. Meanwhile, you can try out the best jigsaw blades that cut precisely. You can also find gas pressure washer like the Simpson CM60912 that stores easily after use.