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Chip Esten On The Blurred Lines of Life & ‘Nashville’ – The Buddy & Jim Show Recap


Chip Esten will tell you that sometimes the line between Nashville the show and real life not only gets blurred but goes away.

The songwriter who plays the character Deacon Claybourne was on tour a few weeks ago with Claire Bowen, the singer and actress who plays his niece Scarlet O’Connor. They got off the tour bus, said their goodbyes and see you at work the next days. The next day, Deacon and Claire were doing a scene with Gunnar Scott played by Sam Palladio. The three were right by a tour bus when he and Bowen had a revelation.

“We just looked at each other thinking about the crazy lives we’re leading,” Esten remembered as he sat onstage at the City Winery talking with Buddy Miller and Jim Lauderdale. The show was the first of what is expected to be a monthly broadcast at City Winery for the Buddy & Jim Show on Sirius XM Outlaw Country. Continue reading



Larry & Teresa Heed The Advice of Friends: The Buddy & Jim Show Recap

For years, Buddy Miller and his wife Julie had been urging their dear friends Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams to make a record. And now after years of cajoling, they finally have.

Their deep friendship goes back to the country music scene in New York in the Eighties when Campbell played steel guitar in Miller’s band and a South Carolinian new to the city by the name of Jim Lauderdale approached and asked, “Y’all mind if I come up and sign a song with you?”

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Melba Montgomery’s Country Life Stories: The Buddy & Jim Show Recap

It might have been the golden age of country but Melba Montgomery said you never saw a tour bus no matter how big a star you were. The first time she was working with longtime duo partner George Jones she remembers him pulling up with his band, their equipment hitched to the back of a station wagon. When George found out she bought a Cadillac, he announced that he was going to be riding with her the rest of the tour.

Sometimes it seemed that she and Jones would sing for hours going down the road, Montgomery recounted to Buddy Miller and Jim Lauderdale on a recent episode of the Buddy & Jim Show on SiriusXM Outlaw Country radio. There’d be some seven hundred miles to go and sometimes a 1:30 matinee awaiting them. Jones sat in the middle backseat with his guitar, Montgomery on her knees behind the passenger seat and they sang all night long. “I had my brother driving and we made sure we kept him up.”

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Emmylou & Rodney’s Long Road and The Friends They Made Along The Way: The Buddy & Jim Show Recap


“That’s a new classic right there.”

If Jim Lauderdale paused to say the words, it was because he was in awe coming out of Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell’s performance of “The Traveling Kind,” the title track of their new album which they sang for listeners of the Buddy and Jim Show on SiriusXM Outlaw Country.

“Every once in a while you catch something that is timeless,” Crowell reflected. “I felt like we tapped into some form of timelessness. If we’re lucky enough to leave something that lasts after us, what more could you ask for?”

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‘Monterey,’ Mysteries & The Ghosts Chasing The Milk Carton Kids: The Buddy & Jim Show Recap

Kenneth Pattengale & Joey Ryan of The Milk Carton Kids

If you want to create a mystique about your band, take a page from the Milk Carton Kids.

“We don’t have a bio,” Joey Ryan was saying about his five year partnership with Kenneth Pattengale, the other half of the acoustic duo who is prone to shying away from interviews.  “Everybody still asks us ‘How did you guys meet?’ so I finally decided to prepare something to fuel the creation myth.”

The duo, winners of the best duo/group at last Fall’s Americana Music Association Awards, was on the Buddy & Jim Show hosted by Buddy Miller and Jim Lauderdale on SiriusXM Outlaw Country. They played songs from their new album “Monterey,” talked about their upcoming tour and discussed the ghost sighting Pattengale recently experienced on his home security system.

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