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Maren Morris At Sea – The Buddy & Jim Show Recap

The day Maren Morris met Buddy Miller, she and her publisher were pitching songs for the television show “Nashville.” When Morris headed out to sea on the annual Cayamo music cruise, Miller asked her to play the song she played that day called “The Book.”

Miller and Morris were sharing stories somewhere out in the Atlantic on a special Cayamo taping of the Buddy & Jim Show on SiriusXM radio.

“My informant Kate York says you’re breaking all kinds of records,” Miller said of news of Morris receiving the most radio adds for a female artist.

Just then co-host Jim Lauderdale joined in. “My source says it’s one of the most added records in Billboard history.”

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Gurf Morlix’s Tales From Buffalo and Austin: The Buddy & Jim Show Recap

“Even though the air was dirty back then, I think you turned out pretty good.”

So said Jim Lauderdale who had just come out of playing “Dirty Old Buffalo” by Gurf Morlix, the noted Austin singer, songwriter and producer who grew up on the East End of Lake Erie, about fifteen miles from downtown Buffalo. The song, which draws from inspiration of growing up on his most recent album Eatin’ At Me, has the feel of a movie soundtrack and led into a long conversation about Morlix’s storied life on a recent episode of The Buddy & Jim Show on SiriusXM Outlaw Country.

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The Schooling of Striking Matches: The Buddy & Jim Show Recap

Justin Davis and Sarah Zimmerman of Striking Matches

Imagine that it’s the first day of school, you don’t know a soul in town and worse yet, you’re the only girl in class. And on a day when the faculty of a music school is present to watch a little improvisation, the last person the guys want to get teamed up is with you.

’As long as we don’t wind up with the girl, we’ll probably be ok,’” Justin Davis, one of the students and guitar majors, remembers of the chatter going around the classroom that day. When he was the one who got paired with Sarah Zimmerman, Justin recalls how she whipped out her slide and annihilated everyone. And that was the day that lives of both people changed forever.

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