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Maren Morris At Sea – The Buddy & Jim Show Recap

The day Maren Morris met Buddy Miller, she and her publisher were pitching songs for the television show “Nashville.” When Morris headed out to sea on the annual Cayamo music cruise, Miller asked her to play the song she played that day called “The Book.”

Miller and Morris were sharing stories somewhere out in the Atlantic on a special Cayamo taping of the Buddy & Jim Show on SiriusXM radio.

“My informant Kate York says you’re breaking all kinds of records,” Miller said of news of Morris receiving the most radio adds for a female artist.

Just then co-host Jim Lauderdale joined in. “My source says it’s one of the most added records in Billboard history.”

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Striking Matches & Parker Millsap’s Nashville Skyline – The Buddy & Jim Show Recap

strikingmatches(Justin Davis and Sarah Zimmerman Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images)

Striking Matches can count all of their songs that have appeared on the television show Nashville. There’s already been eight and one more is coming soon.

“I’m recording another one,” executive music producer Buddy Miller revealed on a recent Buddy & Jim Show taped in front of a live audience at the City Winery in Nashville.

“I don’t know if you spoiled it,” guitarist Justin Davis shot back. It was the first Buddy & Jim Show which will be taped monthly in front of a live audience at City Winery. The show featured musical guests Parker Millsap, Lee Ann Womack and Striking Matches. Miller remembered how the television show’s music supervisor Frankie Pine had gone out one day a few years ago and came back talking incessantly about the duo.

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Ryan Bingham’s Cowboy Dreams: The Buddy & Jim Show Recap


All Ryan Bingham ever wanted to be was a cowboy. His family ranched in Hobbs, New Mexico and his uncle rode bulls professionally. As a kid, Ryan entered junior rodeos, participating in breakaway roping and riding steers.

“I looked up to my uncle and dad and grandfather and wanted to be like them,” he told Buddy Miller and Jim Lauderdale on a recent visit to The Buddy & Jim Show on SiriusXM Outlaw Country.

But Bingham, whose Fear and Saturday Night was one of last year’s best albums, found that music was tugging at him. He kept bringing his guitar to the rodeos he’d attend on weekends.

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Chip Esten On The Blurred Lines of Life & ‘Nashville’ – The Buddy & Jim Show Recap


Chip Esten will tell you that sometimes the line between Nashville the show and real life not only gets blurred but goes away.

The songwriter who plays the character Deacon Claybourne was on tour a few weeks ago with Claire Bowen, the singer and actress who plays his niece Scarlet O’Connor. They got off the tour bus, said their goodbyes and see you at work the next days. The next day, Deacon and Claire were doing a scene with Gunnar Scott played by Sam Palladio. The three were right by a tour bus when he and Bowen had a revelation.

“We just looked at each other thinking about the crazy lives we’re leading,” Esten remembered as he sat onstage at the City Winery talking with Buddy Miller and Jim Lauderdale. The show was the first of what is expected to be a monthly broadcast at City Winery for the Buddy & Jim Show on Sirius XM Outlaw Country. Continue reading



Steve Martin & Edie Brickell Find Their Bright Star – The Buddy & Jim Show Recap

Edie Brickell woke up Christmas morning ahead of her family. Sitting in her Connecticut kitchen, she went to her computer hoping her musical partner Steve Martin sent her a present of a new banjo track—and he did. With her dogs by her feet, she turned on her iPhone and hit record believing instinctively how important it is to catch the first melody and lyrics that come to mind.

“I immediately felt like I was out in the woods and there was this deep fire burning but there was trouble,” she remembered. “I immediately heard myself singing ‘she had a child from the man by the bank.’ It was like two women were talking on the porch. I could see it all. I knew she was in big trouble.”

Brickell and Martin, along with their producer Peter Asher, were sitting inside the home studio of Buddy Miller on a recent episode of The Buddy & Jim Show on SiriusXM Outlaw Country.

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Shawn Colvin On ‘Uncovered’, Being a Soccer Mom and December With Steve Earle: The Buddy & Jim Show Recap

For Buddy Miller, it’s always great having his friend Shawn Colvin come by and sing. Come December Colvin will visit Miller’s home studio to record a new album with Steve Earle.

“I want to be around for that,” said Miller who produced her album All Fall Down three years ago and will take the helm as producer once again. Colvin was in “The House” as it’s known, to talk about Uncovered, her new album of covers on the Buddy & Jim Show on Sirius XM Outlaw Country. The two did the show without Lauderdale but Colvin was excited about her impending sessions with Steve Earle.

“I can rock out harder and Steve can calm down a bit,” she said of their chemistry, crediting Earle with being an excellent writer who knows exactly what he wants. She is targeting a June release.

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Andrea Zonn & The Friends She’s Made Along The Way: The Buddy & Jim Show Recap

Trace Adkins & Andrea Zonn singing “Ships”

Andrea Zonn remembers the first time she met Alison Krauss. She was ten and Alison was eight and the two were introduced at the Champaign Festival in Illinois. Growing up, the two tried to pick apart Emmylou Harris and Little River Band records during the Seventies.

“We’ve gotten in a lot of trouble over the years,” Zonn said with a sly laugh during her visit to the Buddy & Jim Show on Sirius XM Outlaw Country. On a day when Miller was recovering from a lack of sleep following a trip to San Francisco’s Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival, Zonn came in to play songs from her new album Rise. It was released in late September on the independent label Compass Records which is owned and operated by Alison Brown and her husband. Zonn was accompanied on the show by guitarist and collaborator Tom Jutz.

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Angela Easterling’s Carolina Honeymoon: The Buddy & Jim Show Recap

Angela Easterling started to talk about her new album Common Law Wife when she recalled a journalist’s recent question. “He asked how did you come up with such a classic country song?’ I said, ‘Well it’s basically my life.” I guess I’m living a classic country song. And I guess Brandon and I are living in sin.”

Easterling was recounting this along with her life and musical partner Brandon Turner on Buddy Miller and Jim Lauderdale’s weekly radio show, The Buddy & Jim Show, on Sirius XM’s Outlaw Country.

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