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Steve Martin & Edie Brickell Find Their Bright Star – The Buddy & Jim Show Recap

Edie Brickell woke up Christmas morning ahead of her family. Sitting in her Connecticut kitchen, she went to her computer hoping her musical partner Steve Martin sent her a present of a new banjo track—and he did. With her dogs by her feet, she turned on her iPhone and hit record believing instinctively how important it is to catch the first melody and lyrics that come to mind.

“I immediately felt like I was out in the woods and there was this deep fire burning but there was trouble,” she remembered. “I immediately heard myself singing ‘she had a child from the man by the bank.’ It was like two women were talking on the porch. I could see it all. I knew she was in big trouble.”

Brickell and Martin, along with their producer Peter Asher, were sitting inside the home studio of Buddy Miller on a recent episode of The Buddy & Jim Show on SiriusXM Outlaw Country.

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