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The Night Country Got Its Soul Back: Chris Stapleton & Justin Timberlake Resurrect Country’s Great Rhythm & Blues Legacy

chris s

“Sing it,” you could hear someone shout from the bandstand urging Chris Stapleton on during “Tennessee Whiskey.”

“Break it down one more time,” Justin Timberlake commanded the rhythm section during “Drink You Away.”

It was the night Chris Stapleton and Justin Timberlake took Nashville to church at the Country Music Association Awards. The two pretty much upended the formula of country pop and made Jason Aldean with his pyrotechnics and Florida Georgia Line, trying hard to be coiffed, seem downright silly. As Nashville producer Buddy Cannon said later on Facebook, “the pendulum swings.” It only took about eight minutes for it happen.

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Robert Gordon Channels Greatness & The Ghosts That Still Speak To Us


It comes on like a thunderous charge. You immediately think you’re listening to an old Johnny Cash song that you’ve heard but can’t quite place. Is this from an old Western soundtrack that we’ve somehow missed?

The song is “Walk Hard” and singer Robert Gordon is the first to admit he did it like the Man In Black. Gordon has always had the genetic make-up and DNA of country, rhythm and blues, swing and rockabilly–and lineage as a direct descendant of Elvis Presley and those who helped create what became rock and roll. It might be that Gordon is not only a great singer but a medium who channels the ghosts of the past as if they are still able to speak to us today.

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