Healthy Meals and Drinks Perfect for Musicians

The secret behind the thrilling music performance is a good state of physical health. To have it, you need to take good care of your body through diet, exercise, and good thoughts (emotional health).

Although musicians have preferences on when to take the meals. All in all, they have to consume, whether it’s before or after or during a performance.

A close look at the drinks responsible for that impressive performance; again, the preference debate still features.

Energy drinks, fresh juices, and water top the list among the must-drink fluids while performing.

The drinks help them stay hydrated throughout the performance as it supplements proper digestion.

Now, the type of music also determines the kind of food or drink to consume to get that thrilling and fascinating voice.

Choirs need a lot of water to get a coherent voice to match with the rest of the members’ voices. Orchestra members need to limit food intake before a performance to enhance their flexibility on stage.

On the contrary, matching band members need the energy to sail through the long hours of music performance, more so in a concert.

The food needs depend on the type of music.

What are the characteristics of a healthy meal perfect for a musician?

  • Must have fruits and vegetables for vitamins
  • Need to have whole grains to get the fiber that supports easy and quick digestion
  • Low- fat if not no-fat, but more foods with calcium
  • Should have lean protein to strengthen bodybuilding units
  • Exercise food control to maintain a healthy weight

What are the features of a healthy drink?

  • No sweeteners, preservatives, and sugars

Water is the best description for this compared to beverages, juices, and soft drinks.

However, coffee is useful for specific benefits.

Healthy Meals and Drinks Perfect for Musicians

  • Fish and chicken
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Wholemeal breakfast cereals
  • Healthy carbohydrates- rice, pastries(in moderation), whole grains
  • Drink lots of water to stay hydrated
  • Drink coffee in moderation to relax the body and mind

These are foods for a healthy diet, but some foods come in handy to sharpen one’s voice and to help maintain the high pitches or low pitches. Moreover, some of them also help you alleviate simple illnesses that may affect your sound like a sore throat. Here are a few of them and their uses

Other supporting foods

  1. Ginger

Chew two or three pieces of ginger to keep a sore throat away. Sore throat gives you a hoarse voice that you don’t need while performing.

Any product with ginger on it like ginger tea is also perfect for the same purpose.

  • Lemon water

Too much mucus is not only unhealthy but also hinders the production of long vocal cords.

Lemon plays a significant role to loosen the musician allowing your throat to clear for that sweet high-pitched voice.

  • Honey

As the mucous is loosened honey coats it to prevent any form of irritation like you want to spit it out.

 It coats it and healthily finds its way on the digestive system and finally to the excretory organs.

  • Cinnamon

The stubborn cough that comes anytime you try the shrill voice during a performance are well managed by cinnamon.

It’s a perfect ingredient, if not a spice to work on your throat to relieve you of the unpleasant voice irritation.

  • Coffee

A complete meal must be balanced and of course, with a drink of choice. Coffee stands out to relieve stress and provide the right energy to go through the nightlife.

After the athletic kind of performance, you need a cup of coffee to relax your body and mind.

It’s a beverage to sip slowly at your favorite corner of your living room meditating about the good things in life.

You need to make that excellent coffee you crave for from your favorite restaurant. The only way to achieve this is to invest in an automatic espresso machine.

Getting a nice, reliable super automatic espresso machine can be tricky, but with these features to look out for, you will get the perfect fit.

  • Automated functions
  • User-friendly interface
  • Inbuilt ceramic grinder
  • Bean container
  • Versatility in performance
  • Value for money(cost)

How to make healthy meals

Drinks aside, the perfect meals are better done at home to suit your taste and food preference.

The white meats are better smoked to get that natural and original taste, especially fish.

Moreover, it has no oil additions which increase bad cholesterol in the body. With the busy life of a musician, the most commonly asked question: what is the best pellet smoker?

The answer lies in a smoker with these features.

  • Simple and easy to set up
  • Large grilling space
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Simple and easy to handle
  • Automated functions like thermoregulator and timer
  • Digital functionality and performance

A lot goes on behind the scenes for you (reveler) to enjoy the excellent performance.

Musicians take their time to practice, sharpen their voice, and maintain a healthy weight. All these contribute to their proper physical health.

We can’t undermine the need for appropriate emotional health too. Food contributes to 70 percent of suitable physical health; other practices now take up the remaining 30 percent, which highly contributes to their emotions and good thoughts.