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Well, the battle was long, hard and well-fought… but we officially have two winners at the For The Country Record Awards!

The list of nominees for both Album and Song of the Year was posted on November 26, and fans were able to vote on the two shortlists, each featuring 10 entries. The nominees were put together by creating a majority vote from a panel of 9 judges, made up of bloggers and others who work in the industry. If you want more info, plus the list of nominees for both categories, they’re here.

Xmas at FTCR

Hey guys! So, it’s December 10 (where did all the time go?!), and it’s time to let you know about some changes to the article schedule (in case you cared). Usually, as you may be aware, two articles go out each day (7 days a week), at 9 am and 12 pm EST (or for weekends 11 am and 2 pm).

This is going to change a little for Christmas. From December 23 – December 29 there will be no posts, and from December 30-January 5 one article will be posted per day (except if Jason or Shannon decide they feel inspired). From then your normal service will resume!

I will be taking a (sort of) break, mainly because I need about 3 months in bed to recover from this year, but a few days here and there will have to suffice. From January 6th, however, we’re back with all guns blazing, ready for a kick-ass year that includes 3 weeks in the heart of Nashville (April) bringing you all the interviews, gig reviews, etc you can possibly stomach, and a cheeky documentary DVD of our trip that you’ll be able to buy. There’ll also be reporting on the second Country to Country festival, plus tons of other awesome fun stuff that you won’t want to miss out on (for a start, there’ll be Ashley Monroe and Brandy Clark interviews headed your way fairly early on!).

If you have ambitions to be a blogger/writer and want to get some experience/exposure, we are looking for contributors to join the team and make this an even greater place!