The Grahams ‘River man’s Daughter

When Alyssa and Doug Graham first met in grade school, they probably didn’t know that, decades later, they’d be releasing their debut album RIVER MAN’S DAUGHTER to positive reviews. On February 4, 2014, The Grahams get to relive that pivotal moment with the release of the Deluxe Edition. However, every moment from their first-grade classroom to falling in love as teenagers in the shadowy streets of New York City before growing into adults holding hands has had The Grahams pointed at this release.

Faith Evans Ruch ‘1835 Madison’

Faith Evans Ruch is a singer-songwriter from Memphis who is writing classic country with bite. She sounds like Patsy Cline if Patsy Cline got into the whiskey and was a little more straight-up with you than usual. The folk-country singer/songwriter takes the idea of “living at the bar” to a literal place in the music video for “PBR Song,” the first single from her debut record 1835 Madison. It’s a fitting concept for a song that’s about a relationship that kept Faith trapped, often at the bar drowning her frustrations, from an album named for that very bar, the place where she first performed and found her voice just two years ago.

Heidi Howe ‘Be Good’

Heidi Howe is a singer/songwriter who absolutely refuses to be pigeon-holed. Taking influence from Dolly Parton, John Prine, Cyndi Lauper, Iris Dement, Todd Snider, and Natalie Maines, the Louisville, Kentucky native has more than a decade of success behind her with huge respect as a songwriter who can more than match her contemporaries. In addition, the songstress, who has opened for such legendary alt-country acts like Jerry Douglas, Holly Williams, Stacey Earle, Tommy Womack, Jason Ringenberg and The Wood Brothers has a huge voice (“that can fill a stadium”), emanating from a remarkably tiny human being. Yet not only is it powerful, but it is also extremely distinctive, and that’s one of many things that really sets her apart.

Garth Brooks ‘Blame It All On My Roots’

The six CD pack titled “Blame It All On My Roots” by Garth Brooks, known for his country cover songs winning multiple awards internationally and on most prestigious grounds, came out during the Thanksgiving season and has gone on to be #1 for several weeks. The album was worked on for over 6 straight years and finally came up with 77 tracks. Besides the 77 audio classic, rock, pop and contemporary songs in 5 studio albums, “Blame It All On My Roots” offers 33 music videos and a complete live performance in Las Vegas on two DVDs. The albums are all based on cover songs and have a subliminal effect to the fans of country music. The famous tunes are delivered to provide an extension to the memories associated with the classics.

Zac Brown Band ‘The Grohl Sessions

I’ve not been particularly familiar with Zac Brown Band’s music over the years. While I have always respected their musicianship, their sound is perhaps not my thing. However, when I heard their new record was being produced by Dave Grohl, how could I resist such an intriguing collaboration? Yeah, I actually bought it (who buys music these days, guys? Kidding, I really hope you do).