For some reason, after we published a post from an anonymous music director (for job security reasons) detailing his experiences with complaints over Little Big Town’s ‘Girl Crush’, various media outlets picked it up and the whole thing turned into a mad controversy. Many folks were saying they had also experienced these complaints, Bobby Bones tried to take credit for starting the whole thing, the Washington Post talked to us and then Billboard posted about it too.

But then Billboard changed its tune and implied our story was fabricated, while the author got snarky with us on Twitter simply because she hadn’t heard of us prior to the story. I kept the OP’s anonymity because I respected what he had brought to the blog and didn’t want his job to be threatened. But now our site’s credibility is being threatened, and more and more outlets are talking about it potentially being fake.

His name is Lee France. He is the music director for WACO 100 FM and KAGG-FM in Texas. Both are iHeartMedia stations.

Now let’s stop spreading shit about a blog that has done literally nothing wrong. Thanks.